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The Return of the McDonald’s Twister Fries

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The Return of the McDonald's Twister Fries

The Return of the McDonald’s Twister Fries

Hey there, McDo lovers! We’ve got some exciting news that’ll have you craving for a twist in your meals. After teasing it’s come back, McDonald’s Twister Fries is now making its grand return, but only for a limited time, and it’s causing quite a stir in the Filipino food scene!

A Twist of Filipino Flavor

Imagine this: a spiral of crispy, golden potato goodness, seasoned with a unique blend of Filipino spices. It’s like a fiesta in every bite, celebrating our love for local flavors. McDonald’s took our favorite Pinoy street food and gave it that signature McDo twist!

The Big Mac Combo Deal

But wait, there’s more to this Twister Fries comeback! McDonald’s is serving up a combo deal that’s Big on flavor. You can now enjoy the Twister Fries with the iconic Big Mac. It’s a match made in fast-food heaven!

So, whether you’re a Twister Fries aficionado or a newbie, this is your chance to savor the taste of home with a delightful twist. Head to your nearest McDonald’s, order the Twister Fries with a Big Mac combo, and experience the deliciousness for yourself. Hurry, because this combo is here for a limited time only!


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