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McDonald’s Teases Return of Beloved Twister Fries: #TwisterFriesIsBack!

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McDonald's Teases Return of Beloved Twister Fries: #TwisterFriesIsBack!

McDonald’s Teases Return of Beloved Twister Fries: #TwisterFriesIsBack!

Hey there, McDo fans! Get ready to do the “kilig” dance because it looks like our favorite snack is making a comeback! In a recent Facebook post, McDonald’s Philippines left us all hanging with a tantalizing teaser – Twister Fries are coming back to the menu! ????????

If you haven’t seen the post yet, check it out here. It’s filled with mystery and excitement, just like the feeling you get when you see a “kilig” scene in your favorite rom-com!

The post features an image of a bunch of fries with a playful message that says, “McDo Fries: Pakulot lang me, brb.” Well, McDo, we can’t contain our excitement! ????

For those who are new to the “Twister Fries” phenomenon, let us give you a quick rundown. Twister Fries is a limited-time offering from McDonald’s that takes your taste buds on a flavorful ride. These spiral-cut fries are seasoned to perfection, creating a unique and delicious snack that’s loved by Filipinos everywhere. Every “kagat” is an explosion of flavor that will leave you craving for more!

Now, the big question is: when exactly will Twister Fries make their grand return to McDonald’s branches across the Philippines? Unfortunately, the post doesn’t spill the “bagoong,” so we’ll have to keep our eyes glued here and we’ll update you when they finally revealed when! But hey, the excitement of waiting for something delicious makes it taste even better when it finally arrives, right?

In the meantime, let’s speculate and at mag-“Maritess” muna tayo about all the fun memories we’ve had with Twister Fries. Remember those “chikahan” sessions with friends over a shared order of Twister Fries, or that time you couldn’t resist ordering seconds because they’re just that good? Twister Fries has been a part of our “barkada” gatherings and solo food trips alike.

So, whether you’re a Twister Fries veteran or a newbie eager to try these delectable delights, get ready to make some “gutom” (cravings) and clear some space in your tummy. Twister Fries’ return to McDonald’s is the ultimate treat we’ve all been waiting for!

Let’s spread the excitement, McDo lovers! Share this post with your “ka-McDo” (McDo buddies) and keep an eye on this page for the official comeback date. Until then, let’s hold on to our  dreams and get ready to twist and shout when #TwisterFriesIsBack! ????????


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