Max’s Restaurant – Payday Delivery Trio Promo

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Don’t let tough times beat you. Celebrate what you can because you deserve it.

Enjoy this all-star trio of #SarapToTheBones Fried Chicken, Spicy Tofu, and your choice of Spicy Gambas or Camaron Rebosado. A payday exclusive for just P1099.

See full mechanics: https://bit.ly/MaxsPayDayDeliveryTrio

? https://bit.ly/PayDayDeliveryTrioMaxs
? Orders made directly to store
 Metro Manila Hotline at 888-79000
? GrabFood
? FoodPanda
? Lalafood


Max’s Restaurant is part of Max’s Group, Inc.
Order your favorites from:
? https://now.krispykreme.com.ph/
? https://delivery.pancakehouse.com.ph/
? https://delivery.yellowcabpizza.com/
You may also visit: https://maxsgroupdelivers.com/


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